Thursday, October 13, 2005

Revisionist Comics

From Warren Ellis' BAD SIGNAL:

--- wrote:

> Every now and then, you just fall
> over a story. Doesn't happen to
> me nearly often enough, and I hate
> the people who have it happen to
> them.
> Rich Johnston, Satan take his balls,
> has found one of Those Ideas.
> St Joseph Copertino, named The
> Flying Friar for his miraculous
> hovering manifestations. THE
> FLYING FRIAR is a fiction based on
> his life, specifically his relationship
> with his best friend, the great-
> nephew of Martin Luther, whose
> first name was Lux.
> The bastard has lucked into the
> true story of a flying saint who
> knew someone called Lux Luther.

Dude probably wrestled bulls and started fire with his eyes too. DC keeps trying to infuse earlier eras with similar stories as their modern characters (Gorham by Gaslight) or do alternate history (Red Son - Superman if he landed in Russia). I'm not sure it's all that interesting really. I guess it sells, since it keeps happening.

Marvel's not immune to it either, as evidenced by 1602. I'm a Neil Gaimen fan,
so I have the hardbound TPB and it's a beautiful book (thanks to Scott
McKowen's gorgeous woodcut cover art - see the 1602 Wikipedia article), but I hope they don't make a habit of it.



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