Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Too ironic, in a sad way

False Alarm Policy Delayed Response During Atlanta Courthouse Murders
Verification attempt designed to reduce false alarms, deputy attempted to
verify alarm four times.

ATLANTA -- When a gunman opened fire at the county courthouse in March, a
deputy followed a new policy and tried four times to verify a distress call
before sending help, a newspaper reported Friday.

The policy, aimed at reducing time wasted on false alarms, was issued in
January by one of the people killed in the rampage, The Atlanta
Journal-Constitution reported.

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so lets say you want to link to the main page of confined space, ok, grab the whole url which is http://spewingforth.blogspot.com/

so, you make that an < no space a, then space then href then equal then full quote " then complete url then full quote " then other arrow > then text to link then arrow < then slash / then an a then an arrow> and if this works you get confined space

to view this code (which seemed to have worked in preview) just click the view source button (for this post comment page) on your browser and scroll to the last line and you will see this comment with the required coding


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