Friday, December 30, 2005

Gas Pricing

No, not the cost of gas, that's been done to death.

What I don't understand is why gas prices are expressed to the tenth of a cent. Anybody have a 0.1-cent piece? I don't. If I buy 1.000* gallon of gas at $1.949 will I get 5.1 cents in change? No, I won't. They will keep my 0.1 cents.

We're all getting ripped off to the tune of a penny every 10 gallons. Wikipedia pegs gas consumption at 360 million gallons per day. That's $360,000 a day taken from consumers, or $131.4 million a year.

*yes, the pump measures to thousandths of a gallon. That's 0.128 ounces (volume), 0.00625 pounds, 2.8 grams or 0.19 cents. I'm impressed with the resolution of the pump, but it seems like overkill to me.

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A new focus

I haven't really had a focus to this blog, and because of that, I haven't
posted much to it. But I've been inspired by Steve Jackson's Daily Illuminator
today ("Random Gripes" - see For this blog, I'll strap on my
Mr. Angry persona and post my own random gripes. This is stuff that I wouldn't
normally post to any of the mailing lists I maintain (one for high school
friends and one for family & friends) so it's a good use of the blog, IMO.

First up: gas pricing.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Mis-read Headlines

Glancing at the Yahoo news headlines, I sometimes mis-read them.

I saw this one today: "Greenspan renews warning on budget deficits" and started to wonder why the heck Greenpeace would care about our budget devicits deficits.